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This will be a great experience if you’re thinking “There are issues specific to Asian Americans?” or if you’re well-versed in Asian American issues!

Get up close and personal with cool speakers and artists like JR Aquino and Beau Sia

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Register now for the 2014 Listen to the Silence conference in Stanford, CA!

LTS is a one-day conference that features keynote speakers, workshops, a research forum, and a concert. This year, it will be held on Saturday, January 18th, 2014. We are looking forward to inviting a host of amazing guests including keynote speakers Beau Sia, Kristina Wong, and Nidhi Chanani, and concert performers JR Aquino and The Company Dance Crew. It is completely free and students of all backgrounds and ethnicities are welcome!

I was lucky enough to speak at LTS 2013, and I can vouch for the pure awesomeness and knowledge that comes with LTS. And bonus points for being free! Click through the link to register, or copy paste here:


For more information, please visit their (super beautiful and really cool) website at aasa.stanford.edu/lts.

  • Professor:So, what are you passionate about?
  • Student:I honestly don't know... but I went to a seminar in the law school and I was really interested in that. It was about using psychedelics to cure PTSD, not that I'd try it on myself or anything...
  • *class chuckles at the thought of Student taking psychedelics*
  • Professor:Don't laugh! I was into that stuff in the late 60s!